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Cultural probes

Get valuable insights regarding a specific group of stakeholders' experiences during a course of events, without the need of your presence – simply by giving a small concrete task to the stakeholder.

Invite the stakeholders to present their experiences, and get a good insight into aspects of their everyday lives, need and wishes. The visual material gathered serves as an image of the stakeholders' own experiences and perspectives on the concerned topic. In the following issue framing and ideation face the visual material can, amongst team members, act as a strong common reference to the user perspectives gathered.


  1. Write questions, you would want to know the user’s response to. For example, ask the staff of a nursing home: "How do you experience the quality of life for the elderly?".

  2. Set a simple task, be clear about the time frame and give a letter with questions regarding specific practice tasks. For example: "In the upcoming week, take pictures of what you perceive as quality of life for the elderly. Also feel free to record videos of special moments that capture the quality of life in the nursing home. "

  3. Review the responses with the stakeholders, by doing interviews or inviting the group of stakeholders to a fokus group session, and gather understanding of the responses collected on a high level of detail.


Your small task

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