How do you organize a process, making sure you get the most out of the time and resources devoted the project at hand?
At MindLab we have a variety of methods we use to ensure a human-centered design process for all our innovation projects. The methods used vary from project to project and depend on purpose, stakeholders and size. You can read more about our mindset across all projects, here. The methods in our collection, is presented in the order they are commonly used in a project. The methods are categorized into process phases: Research, Analyses, Ideation, Test and Implementation. Each method is put into context, by suggesting which other methods could be beneficially combined.
All large-scale public innovation projects share the obstruction of being both complex and with a high level of detail. Why there rarely will be just one simple, singular solution to cover the entire spectra of challenges revealed during the research process. To broaden our understanding of the challenge faced, we question the source of the issue by meeting and understanding our user group, bottom up. We put emphasis on the involvement of the user group throughout our projects, by including citizens or businesses to qualify and test ideas. We have experienced that visual and tangible methods and prototypes, used for research or testing in company of the end user, motivates and encourage more bold and detailed ideas within the project group